The Kids are getting big!

Both Sarah and Matthew got their new school pics and they are great! See how big the little ones are now!

Still waiting for Darin and Amber's pics yet. These are the "little ones" of the family, not so little now... Note Matthew lost at least 50 lbs. during the illness with his tonsils, and still has'nt gained any back. He looks a lot better now.


Team Gherkin said...

They're growing up so fast... they're about the same age as my own children.

Hope all is positive for you all in your world.

Mal :)

wendy said...

ya got to be proud of them they both did so well at school this card marking they got treated to wendy's happy meal..mats sperprised me he's doing good in reading.don't have to worry they have the same problems as me..all the games online most be helping..thank god for this blessing hope it last..