Still doing good!

Well, so far so good again! I saw the vascular surgeon today, and he doesnt think my corotids are quite as clogged as the hospital thought. He says its about 60% or a little higher, but they dont feel surgery is necessary yet. He wants to talk to the Doc who did my Cat scan once more, but he dont feel I need surgery yet. 70% or more they would do it right away, but he has scheduled me for 6 months from now. He also will discuss with my family doctor to folllow up with a cardiac doctor to check if the clots might be somewhere in my heart area. I got back in mid May for another ultrasound of my corotids again. Phew!


♥Caroline♥ said...

glad your ok for now....but it seems that clogged I am still nervous about it!

momma/mary said...

I'm with Caroline on the % 0f blockage. I'm concerned too. Do not hesitate to see a doctor if you feel the lest bet bad. Hoping all goes well.