So far so good!

Well, so far so good. My vision is back in my left eye and on October 20th I went for the CAT scan with dyes to have my corotid arteries checked and see how much blockage is really in there. I go to the surgeon on November 9th to see the results. Ill report his findings soon.

The hardest thing is staying away from smoking any more. My husband smokes like a train and I enjoy my smokes. I know they told me to quit, but it is SO HARD! My hubby tried to smoke outside, but that only lasted 2 days! It got cold outside! I have tried to reduce my smoking, and spread out the cigarettes about an hour apart. There is NO magic pill to help me. (I wish there were) I want to be around for a long time Any sugestions to help with the cravings?


momma/mary said...

Paula we quit cold turkey 8 years last April. I have no magic pill for you. With your husband not quitting it will be very difficult for you. My only suggestion is to think about how much longer you want to be around and then if that is a good thought ---quit. You can't spread them out --I tried that. I could only think about how long before I could have the next one and the agony was terrific. Please don't j8st shake your head and say I can't because it is your life you are trying to prolong.

Mary said...

I'm back. Jay sent me a thing from Mental Munchies I'm sure you will love.

I'm at the age where food has taken the place of sex in my life. In fact, I've just had a mirror put over my kitchen table. Rodney Dangerfield said that!