I had another stroke this week!

This Tuesday, September the 21st, at 11 a.m,,I went blind for a day. Turns out that I had another stroke in my left eye, and blood was being cut off in it! I was up and getting dressed and had just sat down before going over my Wendy's house to help her take her son to the dentist. He had a tooth that would not break through since the baby tooth was holding tight in the place it needed to be. I sat down to wait for the time to leave when suddenly I could not see anything but a white veil over the whole vision field! I have lost a lot of vision from my right eye over the last year and a half from a previous stroke that bled into that eye last March. The eye specialist has been treating me with Laser to treat that. He stopped the bleeding, but I was left with a cloud or haze over the eye, from the damage to the retina. I can see shapes, and colors of the surrounding areas, but no detail! I cant read a sign or make out a clock or words on the Television.

This stroke that happened Tuesday had BOTH eyes in the same cloud!!! I couldnt even read the phone to call the doctor! I had my hubby help me call the doctor's office and they told me to come right in by 1 pm. Hubby had to drive me! The doctor dialated my eyes and had a scan of the inside, then they put a dye in the IV and tried to see how fast the dye reached my eyes! It didnt show any blood coming into my left eye at all after 2 minutes!

The doctor then had his girls prep me for a proceedure that he put a needle into my eye and sucked out some of the internal matter. This procedure allowed the pressure to let blood come back into my eye, he patched my eye and sent me directly to the hospital to have the rest of my head checked for further signs of more stroke going on in my head! He was concerned that I could have a major stroke!

I spent 4 days in St. Johns Oakland hospital and they have done MRI's and Cat scans and doplers of my head and Arteries . One surgeon thought that I might have an infection of the arteries in my neck and wanted to do a biopsy of one near my temple. If I did have that, I would be put on steroids for a year to help clear that! steroids can really mess with your head! thank GOD I didnt have that! BUT....... while they were cutting out a piece of the vein and stitching me up, I woke up while they were working on me!!!!!!!! I told them I could feel them up, and ouch! that hurt! there from under the surgical drape they had over my face!!!!! They were flabergasted that I had woke up!! They hurried and finished me and got me back to my room!

They told me on Friday that my kidney are too weak to do a test in the MRI with dyes to enhance my arteries, but the original MRI shows that my right corotid is blocked more than 80% and i will have to have the test again and then arrange for the surgery soon to clear it!!!

That still dont explain how I got the blockage to the left eye though! I had the same kind of blockage in my right corotid soon after my original stroke back 6 years ago ! It was more than 90% blolcked!! I have to follow up and find out soon! At least the shot in my left eye save my eyesight in that eye for the time being!!! I got it all back the next day after the procedure he did for me, he save my life!
Ill keep ya posted on future events as they happen!


momma/mary said...

It was a shock to here of your stoke Paula. I certainly hope that things will be getting better soon. Having Jay's eyesight come and go I have some idea of the stress it causes but I'm sure I can't know all your fears. Please know I'm thinking of you and hoping for the best.

♥Caroline♥ said...

It sure has been a wild ride lately.

momma/mary said...

I'm back Paula. Are you doing better I hope!!!!

gammamoma said...

Yes, Mary, my eyesight is back to nornal and Im feeling good. I got an appointment to see a vascular surgeon for tests to my arteries and see how bad the blockage is for both sides. The preliminary tests in the hospital showed I might be blocked 80% on my right side. A MRI with contrast will tell for sure. My appointment with the surgeon is for Oct. 12th. Lets pray that its not that bad! Will keep everyone posted...

Mary said...

How did the 10/12 appointment go?