My digital camera died!

Its been about 6-7 years, but my trusty digital camera died ! Ive got a lot of pictures out of it over the years, but it finally give up the ghost when the pictures it took were all black. Guess the lens doesnt open to take the pic. It took a few weeks to finally find one that I could afford, and it turned out an Olympus Stylus. I havent taken many pictures yet, but Cider mills are now opening, and I hope it lives up to the hype. We'll see....


momma/mary said...

The camera dying is like having your eyes closing when you want to see something important. You need to be able to show others what you are talking about. I hope the camera works well for you.

MrsDoF said...

My film camera for years was an Olympus Infinity so
I went to a store and held an Olympus Stylus in my hands, and decided it is what I want next.

My spouse says I need something "better" according to his preference for a camera.
I'm glad you like yours, and might use this as a credible reference when the time comes.
We are at a barrier.

I have a small digital Minolta in working condition, but rarely have the desire to take pictures anymore. The cats are old so they sleep alot, the sons moved away from home, and even looking at a picture of flowers makes me sneeze.