Family Reunion Picnic

On the 14th of August, my niece Tammy, who had took over organizing our Bagnasco family reunion at Stoney Creek park. We had at least 60 adults and kids show up, and thats just a small sample of ALL the family my husband has... Many couldnt make it. We had a pretty good (cloudy) day but it was great to see all that came again. My hubby has 6 sisters, and only 3 were able to come to this one. My thanks to my niece Tammy for taking over arranging the picnic again. We just couldnt handle it anymore. She even made a booklet with all the family tree diagramed in it, with pictures of many of the family.

< my niece Margaret

My hubby, Barlow with Bunny---

My Caroline ---------->
My hubby, Barlow with 3 of his 6 sisters.---

When we first got there.... Movie clip^

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♥Caroline♥ said...

It was fun!!!