Heres some Beautiful Lillies that are blooming in my pond garden right now. There are 5 stems of blossoms getting ready to bloom. I love iT!
Also, some pics that Amber took of my pond with the LED lights on the fencing around it that Amber helped me put on. Looks like a fairy land at night! And last but not least... A blanket throw I made from the left over yarns in my basket with black rows between the bright colors. It will be nice and warm in the winter for when Im lounging on the couch. Just finished it yesterday!
Now we need some family to have so more babies for me to crochet for............. Keep me busy!

Last but not least... Ive been seeing a eye specialist for over a year for a stroke in my right eye. He has been zapping the blood in my eye with laser to stop the bleeding. Im going again for laser tomorrow. BUT... he says the white haze I have in my vision is from damage to the retina and that will Never get better..... I was hoping it would. OH MY!


momma/mary said...

Your pond is absolutely delightful. Something, yard wise, to be very proud of. Those lights seem to add a magic to it.

The colors accented by the black make a very warm, inviting cover,my friend. You did a great job using up your odds and ends. It would be an honor to have it grace yours or even a friends home.

MrsDoF said...

Love that blanket! Colors and Black together is so beautiful :0

It's been awhile since I worked up just a big granny square. Might have to go through the Stuff shelf and get going.