New baby stuff for my Sister's daughter, Amie.

My Sister, Nancy who lives in Florida, has a daughter named Amie who is now expecting a baby girl in November. Ive been working the past several months on the following items as a gift to her first baby. She was the girl who married 2 years ago in Indonesia to her Indonesian husband she met while working on a cruise ship!

This is a frilly little bonnet .

This is her first HOODIE SWEATER!

This is a detail of the blanket I made, the yarn has light tones of pink, blue, yellow, white and a little purple in it. Stitch is a fan stitch again.

This is a larger view of blanket.

A better shot of the hoodie sweater.

This is a stuffed toy Wackie Duckling that I made for her first toy.

A closer look at Wackie Ducky!

I guess my toys are making a hit with my friends and family. I just got a request to crochet a puppy dog for a young grandson of my daughter's neighbor. Back to WORK!!


♥Caroline♥ said...

You do such a wonderful job mom!! She's going to love it!

momma/mary said...

Your projects are beautiful Paula

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Wacky Ducky is ADORABLE! And all the other things you have made are just BEAUTIFUL, too! Beautiful colors and I love that "stitch"

Thanks so much for your visit and your sweet comment! I dearly appreciate it.

MrsDoF said...

Beautiful work! Ain't it great to be able to make a gift!?!