Happy Birthday Darin!

Happy BIRTHDAY DARIN! Turned 15 on SUNDAY!

Here's a little interview I did with Darin for his birthday, he acted a little shy, but look at the 5 oclock shadow he is wearing. His Mom will make him shave that for school pictures the end of the month. The hats he's wearing was his gifts from his Mom for his birthday, we gave him money so he can buy more books or games or whatever he wants. We had banana cake with ice cream. MMMMmmm good!

We are so proud of Darin and wish him all the best with his future! With a loving and caring personality like his, he will go far in anything he does.


♥Caroline♥ said...

almost a forest fire going on...on that cake! lol

MrsDoF said...

Man, I wish I could shuffle cards that completely! My UNO deck is practically set up for the next hand since I don't get 'em mixed well enough.

There will be years and years and years ahead of shaving. My sons all had to start at age 14. Now they are in the 20s and leave a week go by before a blade touches again.


Happy Birthday, Darin! and many more to come.

When I was 15, I had such a crush on the lifeguard at the public pool. My hair turned green that summer from being in the chlorine water so much.