Well, I have been home, getting a little stronger every day with the great help of both my daughters. I have been able to get out of the house with my husband and the girls since the weather has been nicer. I still can't walk too far, so when we go shopping, I take the wheel chair to ride in, or in some stores, they drop me off at the door, and I ride the electric chairs the store provides. With the weight I lost during my illness, I have had to buy a couple new outfits in a much smaller size that what I used to wear. I haven't been this small since my youngest daughter was born! I wouldn't recommend anybody getting that sick to loose weight, but in a way, it has helped me to control my blood sugar and cholesterol. I just hope I don't gain too much weight back, since I can eat again, but really, my appetite, and my taste buds have changed a lot, and I can't stand a lot of foods that I used to love. I specially can't stand anything that is too greasy!
I'm scheduled for another surgery for the end of May to get rid of a tumer in my right perotid gland, or what they call a saliva gland. It started getting bigger around last May when I had my stroke, the doc took a biopsy of it last summer. I had to put this off until I had my left carotid artery surgery done to clear up a 90% blockage. I had that last October, but then I got sick again in November through January, so now I have to get it done. Since I lost the weight it looks like it got bigger, and probably has. It looks like I have the mumps on the right side. I am starting to have some pain in there, so I better get it out before it does get worse. Hopefully, this time it should be simple, just a couple days in the hospital. My only worry is if he has problems seperating the tumor from my face nerves, I could face some temporary, or total paralysis of my right face and eye. I hope not. Wish me luck. I'll keep you updated later. At least I will have matching scars on both sides of my neck. Maybe I will asked him to do a little facelift of the extra skin on my neck, to give me a more youthful look! LOL!

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Mallard said...

Yes, it's one of the downsides of being sick is the weight-loss.

Thinking of you with your prospect of the surgery - try to keep a positive aspect about it all.

Mal :o)