My condolences to our pal Mallard, who lost his mother this weekend, I wish the family peace in their time of bereavement .

Our family all went out to eat for Easter, my husband treated us. It was at the local Ponderosa steak house. We all at quite well, and had a good time.

Does anyone have any ideas for older kids as Easter presents, I had a hard time making baskets this year. The kids are too big to give so much candy to, and had no ideas what to give them.


wendy said...

The kids were very happy with the playdoe stuff,as soon as they got home until they went to bed they played with it.When they got home .Marks family was here and all the kids joined in on the fun so it had a lot off happy kids at the table.Thanks Mommy.The dinner was out of this world and no messy clean up afterwares.Yes I think it was the best ever!You did a great Easter and it was Great being a family again and not at the hopital,like at christmas..I hope you like your ring..LOve always your little daughter wendy biddy

Mallard said...

Thank you for your very kindest words, Gammamom - your thoghts are very muchly appreciated.
Mal :o)