Off to the cemetery

Yesterday, my daughter, Caroline and I went to the cemetery to visit all the family's graves and decorate them with mixed silk flower bouquets that I made up for them. First we stopped at the husband's grandfather's grave, he died in 1921 and all the big upright, stones have been burried in the ground and the grass had covered most of it over. Caroline manned the shovel and cut the grass and weeds back, and then we wiped the stone so it could be read, and then placed the flowers above the headstone. It's sad in that part of the cemetery, because there is very little decorations on the graves of those who died so long ago.

Then it was off to hubby's grandmother. Her's was easier to find, because the big stone was still standing above the ground and has her picture on it, although it was scratched up from the mowers. We placed a flower at her's and went to the newer section to find my mother's grave.

Her stone was really covered quite a bit with grass, so Caroline cut the edges and trimmed it away. I put a lovely yellow and white rose bouquet on hers, because yellow flowers were her favorite. About 4 years ago I brought back half the ashes from my father who died in Florida, and burried them in a tin under the sod on top of my mother's grave, so a part of him could be with her, even though he had remarried for 20 some years to another wife after Mom died. ( No offense Mommy) Then we stopped at the hill just across the way to clean up and visit my grandparents grave. (My Dad's parents)

Our last stop was my husband's parents, who are located near the back of the cemetery. We had to trim a lot of grass on his mother's grave, and we cleaned up a little of the Dad's. I put some lovely pink bouquets on theirs. We have been quite busy (with all my illnesses) since last summer, when Caroline and I planted live flowers on all the graves. I want them all to know that we, our family, have not forgotten them, and still remember.

I wonder, when my husband and I go, I think that my girls will think of us and care enough to place a little flower at my grave. I'm pretty sure my Caroline will, as it was her idea to do it this month for all the grandparents again. But, even if they never visit my grave, I will understand.


caroline said...

It was a nice day to do it! And even tho the cemetary is in a bad neighborhood it's beautiful there even just for riding in.

cindy said...

I only know Caroline from her blog,but if we're as much alike as your said on my blog wild horses won't keep her away. I know when I lose my folks I'll be there to take care of their spots. After all the years they have taken care of me, it's the least I could do.

wendy said...

Even though cemtrys spook the hell out of me,I'm pretty shore that i will be at both your graves,to put some flowers on it.I know how much you love them so.but no I haven't been too any graves since I was little or funerals,that I've should have been at.I'm shore I will always have you in my praiers and in my heart.I hope I don't have to worry about that though for awhile..

Mallard said...

No no, I find cemeteries to be a quiet and relaxing place to go and unwind... no one to disturb your thoughts of solitude there!

My mum and dad's memorial plaques are due for a visit soon too.

Mal :o)

Faira said...

We visit my Parent's and Grandparent's grave sites regularly.
My grandmother, as she aged before her death, took a liking to Beer, ha, ha! She said she could do pretty much anything she pleased because she had lived long enough to earn the right.

I place a Beer Bottle on her grave site every year right next to all the flowers! It is never there when we go back again and I like to think she drank it and said I love you Granddaughter!!
I certainly still love her even after all these years, for tears are gathering in my eyes right now just writting this!!
We should NEVER get so busy that we forget our loved ones past or present!