Hope Your Holidays were as Great as MINE!

Uncle Ed ( can you believe he's 94)

Me an Aunty Sally, my surrogate Mom and friend

After a HUGE meal and lots of love from my Kids and Grandkids, and my Aunty Sally and Uncle Ed, we settled down for distribution of gifts and a little bit of "Shaking our Tailfeathers" as Amber demonstrated some of her hip hop dancing to her portable music player. We all did a little dancing and watching. We gave out cards with money to all for buying all the wishes that they didnt get from SANTA. Even the kids didnt know what else they wanted as gifts, and it sure saved a lot of wrapping and carting into the family cars.
I hear Sarah and Matthew got a few games they wanted for their game systems, and even got a Gynny pig and tank for each of them. Amber and Darin bought games and music and all is right in their world.
I went out and spent a little on a couple outfits and a new purse and shoes, and am in a hunt for a new Video camera. Come on Sales!
I hope that everyone had a great feast and will be ready to welcome in a bright and beautiful new Year for 2007!
My camera decided to fail me as the batteries died for Christmas Day. So I didnt get to take all the pics i wanted. Wendy took one of me and Aunty Sally and then one of Uncle Ed. Caroline took regular pics of the pics, so I have to wait till they get developed... but a great time was had by all! Hope yours was the same!
Heres the gynny pigs the kids got.


Mallard said...

Enjoy the time of year! Thanx for sharing yourself on your blog.
Mal :)

wendy said...

They are growning on mark and he calls them wheat,wheats.They have thier own personalitys