Great things are gonna happen!

Over the past 5 years, my Sister and I have been c0-operating in a lawsuit against 2 different nursing homes for damages they caused to our 96 year old step-mother. One actually allowed both other patients to injur her, but at one point they let her fall or something and actually broke her hip and let her lay for 3 days in pain with bruises before they finally took her to the hospital to repair it. THEN, after she had the operation, we had her transfered to another nursing home, in hopes that she would get better care. The second home broke her foot so bad that it was totally mangled. She developed gangreen, within days, which eventually killed her !
So as a result of these injuries, my sister and I have won a settlement for the portion of the case for the foot injury. The case for the hip injury is still in the works.

My husband and I are having our house worked on from the first settlement. First we are getting a third bedroom built on our home for the purpose of improving the value of the house. Then, we are having a wall removed from between the kitchen and formerly old living room/ our new dining room creating a huge open floor plan with new hardwood flooring throughout and a big island counter where the wall once stood! I am so thrilled to have this work begin! The wall that stands there now contains our old furnace, and thats going to be removed and a new high efficiency one will be installed into a closet inside our laundry room. We are also having the contractor install a new Jacusi tub and new high profile toilet and new floor in our bathroom. When these things are completed this house will be so roomy and more modern than ever before! We are so pleased and excited to have this work begin. I will take before and after pics of this work as it progresses.

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