Construction is FINALLY Finished!

Finally this summer we had our contractor who beautified our house come and finish our final work on our garage and he built us a nice big shed to add to our storage.

This shed is 12'x14' and we plan to paint it light blue like our house siding with white trim.

We had the contractor cut down the garage to a 1-3/4 size to allow us to get the mower through between the house and the garage, (there used to be only a 2 ft. path between the garage and house),leaving a little carport to drive the riding mower through the carport. He had to use metal poles to support the roof.

The contractor built a nice white gate to keep our dog(s) in the yard. He even used the same blue siding on the front of our garage. Looks nice- dont it? The carport will add to our patio in the back of the yard.

A new gate was also built on the far side of the yard to contain the dog (s) in the side yard. This used to be the only way we could get the mower into the back yard.

Here is a little peek at some of the flowers blooming in my front yard at this moment.........Love them. Daisies--->

<---Snowball bush

<------ My Easter lillies flower bloomed AGAIN!

Some Sedum flowers----->


caroline said...

It's so purty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me likes!

Team Gherkin said...

Yes yes, it all looks great. Good on you :)