A Nice Day for the Cider Mill

Saturday was a great day for going to Yates Cider Mill and Amber was staying over while Darin and Frank went small game hunting and to try out Darin's new gun we got him for Christmas. They didnt get anything, but Darin got a little experience with the gun. Amber is our animal lover and is great with the dogs, so she helped us take the dogs for a walk and ride there.

I was really shocked that the leaves were falling so much at the place, while ours at home havent even turned color yet, much less fall! Yates is only about 15-18 miles North of out house but there was much more color up there. Im NOT looking forward to Winter! Amber took the dogs for a walk along the beautiful river and watched the ducks swimming. The dogs liked walking the trails in the woods and were tuckered out after. Amber even ran into two classmates on the trails in the woods, seems that a lot of people had the same idea for such a beautiful day.

Bunny and Knight were glad to relax in the car after the excitement of seeing other dogs, and so many people walking around. Lots of people stopped to pet the dogs and remark on how cute they are. We agree.


Team Gherkin said...

Glad ur spending some quality time with ur grand-daughter. That's brilliant. Good on you.

Amber 'ran into two classmates'... come on, tell the truth! They were boys, weren't they? hee hee!

caroline said...

The picture of Amber with the Cider Mill in the background is one of my favorite pics yet. The Look on her face is so innocent looking.