Danny and the Juniors Play at City Hall concert!

Caroline, Barlow, and Amber joined me to see Danny and the Juniors in concert at City hall this Saturday. They rocked the concert with hits like, Rock and Roll in here to Stay, At the Hop, Teenager in Love, and many more old time hits! We had a great time! This was the first concert that Barlow had attended, and he loved the music, brought back old memories of the 50's. Most are still popular today as well.

Danny and the Juniors - Today and in the 50's

Here is bits of some of the music they played.

Some people were dancing in the street in front of the stage, and we know they all had a great time. Even Caroline got up to dance on the grass with Amber, (who was too embarrased to dance) ,but I got up and danced with her to one song! ( I have no shame) LOL!

Caroline grew up listening and dancing to our old time rock and roll songs, she used to rock as a baby to Babysitting Boogie and she would sing the " Boogie, ung-a-ding!" at the right chorus. TOO CUTE!

I was showing Amber how to do the "BRISTOL STOMP" the other day when we heard a song she was playing with the same similar beat, she just laughed at me.....LMAO! She thought it looked like the charleston! Remember Line Dancing! Those were the days!


♥Caroline♥ said...

it truly was fun. It was good to see dad get out and enjoy something!

momma(mary) said...

That brought back some memories for me. You have a great thing going with your City Hall concerts!