Two more little baby penguins!

Saturday, Caroline, Amber and I went to the Detroit Zoo and did the whole park, It was great! Nice day, but cool breeze. I snapped only a couple pics, but Amber took hundreds of them. Amber even talked me into getting her a stuffed tiger baby. We loved seeing the polar bears swimming in the tunnel, and trying to get at the seals, in the sealed off portion of the tank. Amber took pics of every frog, snake and animal we saw just about. She posed with a lot of the neet animal statues they have about too. Such a nice day, and a close to Caroline's last days of her vacation.

I finished two more baby penguins that I had promised both my Wendy and Missy, Caroline's neighbor, who loves penguins also. Wendy picked the smaller one, and I sent Frank over to give the bigger one to Missy. Now I am working on a shell blanket for a baby my other niece is having this summer. AND I just found out yesterday that my sister's daughter, is 10 weeks pregnant with her first baby also. That gives me plenty of crochet projects to work on for a while!

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momma/mary said...

I love it when you give people the birds (not the derogatory kind)but the ones you make. Let us see the finished project (pictures) the baby blankets please when they are done.