Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Easter Sunday we took the family out to eat at Golden Corral for a brunch. Combo breakfast and lunch. Afterward we took a drive to Metro Beach and sat by the river in the marina area. The sun was bright and warm, and most of us got a little sunburnt after such a long winters rest! LOL!

This is Wendy, me a Sarah and Matthew! Wow her son is getting so tall! He's age 11 and Sarah's 12. Her Husband, Mark did not go because he's having health issues with his blood pressure and he's trying to stay on a diet.

This is Barlow and me with Wendy's kids.

Here is Caroline and her family. Dont Darin look Buff! He's been working out with weights and really loosing his baby fat and pumping up his muscles!

Barlow with Darin and Amber and Me!

This is when we arrived. Nice day out!


This month I was sent to have another Cat scan to check on my corotid arteries from the last stroke. The doc says its about the same about 60+ %. He sent me to a heart doctor to verify that my heart does not have any problems and can withstand the surgery. She sent me to get a Stress test that showed that there may be some problem with my heart. This Thursday I go in for a heart catheterization to verify, and put a stint in any part that is getting blocked.

They say that if I do get a stint, I will have to stay overnight, otherwise I get to go home the same day. I get to go through this again maybe next month, because the vascular doc says that he can do the same thing to open my right corotid instead of cutting my neck again. (At least Im praying he can. My right neck was cut real bad already a couple years ago for the Perotid surgery i had. The skin is already tight there. Well, I pray that it all goes well for me.


momma/mary said...

I certainly hope everything will go better for you. Keep us posted on the results. As to the Easter outing --what a great idea. I love being by the water also. It looks like everyone enjoyed the day.

gammamoma said...

Momma/ Mary - Yes it was a great day out there by the water. I didnt have the strength to walk around by the big beach, but the kids did, and by the playground. Metro beach has had lots of upgrades and is very nice for families! Years ago my girls would spend almost all day in the pool there. They would find us just to eat lunch, then back to swim again! Memories!

Anonymous said...


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