Word from the doc

I went to the doctor for the first time from my illness, and he has reduced some of my medications. Thank god! I learned that I lost some 58 lbs. since the day that I saw him last, which was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the day I was admitted to the hospital. I dont mind losing the weight, but dont advise anybody to get that sick to do it! lol!
Im sure, now that my family is doing all they can to supply good food to me that I can eat, that I'm sure I will gain back a few of those pounds quickly! I'm able to eat their food compared to that hospital food that was horrible! I lived on fruit and juices while there.
I am getting stronger, and even have been able to take a few car rides out of the house in my husband's new/used Dodge truck. It takes a step ladder to get up in it, but with help, and his strong arms, I made it! Lucky I am a lot lighter so it made it easier so him to help lift me! ha ha
This weekend I did sketches of all the grandchildren from coloring book sketches in my photo library which I colored with colored pensils, I'm so pleased with them. I'm sure they will too.


Mallard said...

Glad to see you well on the road to recovery. Whoo hoo!

I: 'Could be worse...'
F: 'How...?'
I: 'It could be raining...'

A: 'I met a man with a wooden leg named Smith.'
B: 'What was the name of his other leg?'

wendy said...

sarah looks so cute! THANKS MOM !MATTHEW LOOKS GROWED UP.GOOD JOB!I hope you can injoy life now your pain has leasoned.love you...hobbies are so fulfilling..getting out of the house and shopping better than anything ..praying works and God works!Love works the most"/