This is a picture of two of my grand kids, Darin and Amber from the Family Reunion picnic. As you can see, Darin is smiling so nicely, and Amber is haming it up, trying to show up her big brother, (the girl's got Attitude!) The only response Darin has to that, is the devil horns he's holding up behind her head. LOL! They're both displaying ATTITUDE in their own special way! What a cut up they both are! They both are special to me!


caroline said...

I'll say they have attitudes! I live with them..lol

Mallard said...

lol Caroline! Good pic gammamom - the joys of sibling rivalry - as soon as a camera comes into play! hahahaa.

I'm SO sorry I haven't visited your blogworld much lately - it's nothing personal! I'm going to check things out now while I'm here! Good to see you again.
Mal :o)