I saw the doc the other day and he says I'm healing okay, but, he game me some gel to put on the open sore beneath my ear to help it heal, and told me to keep a gauze pad taped down tight to keep pressure on it to close. He did mention that if it doesn't, I might need surgery to fix it!
I see him again in two weeks. Scared 1 Let's hope I don't need the surgery! Nervous 2 He said the cut nerves are stimulating the saliva gland when I eat, and that's why I have fluid coming out when I eat! yuuuuuuuck!

Today, my husband has been too tired from work all this week, and hasn't had the energy to cut the grass. ( we have a riding mower/tractor) So he wrote me a note to try to cut the grass for him today! I have only tried driving it once, and am not very good at it. SO, ....dah,da da da! Way Too Happy Thumbs Up CAROLINE'S ON HER WAY TO SAVE THE DAY! She knows how to do it! She's done it before, helping Dad, as well as helping with so many other things she can do.
What an angel she is!


Mallard said...

Hope the ear heals well - sending you my happy thoughts.
So, what's wrong with a woman with your health situation going out mowing the lawn, eh? AACCKKK! Madness! Thank gawd for caroline!

wendy said...
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gammamoma said...

Yes,my husband always thinks that I can do more than what I CAN do! Funny story --- my neighbor last summer, called the police to check me out one day. She had seen another neighbor turning around in my driveway riding a riding mower, and she thought it was me riding down the street. She thought I got confused and lost and she wanted them to check it out. I was in the house the whole time. How surprised I was when the cop pounded on the door asking me if I had been riding the tractor down the street. Funny HUH?

caroline said...

Mom...all i got to say about this is I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!