Hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving and you are still stuffed to the gills!
I started out making TWO turkeys, (to be sure we had enough). One was a 23 pounder and the other was a 14 pounder my husband got from his work. I had an electric roaster to put the little one in, and the larger one in the oven. I made giblet stuffing the night before, and warmed it up in the roaster after the small turkey came out. Along with turkey and stuffing Caroline and I made 20 lbs. of mashed potatoes, candied yams, corn and green beans. For desert we had pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry pie and chocolate cream pie, with whipped cream to top it all off, or ice cream if wanted. We even make veggies and dip for a appetizer along with crackers and cheese!
My two daughters, Caroline and Wendy both came over with their husbands and two kids and the grandkids had a ball snacking on the appetizers, and playing pool on Grandpa's table and playing shuffleboard in our gameroom. The girls colored some cute Thanksgiving day cards for us and each other. When we sat down to eat, we had carved all the white meat and most of the dark meat from the big turkey. After a couple hours later, everyone had their fill and few had room for desert. My daughters both had a hand at washing pans and dishes and Caroline made sure that everything was wrapped and stored in the fridge, and all the dishes and pans were back in the cupboards and all was cleaned up!!! Even our dog, Shadow (a black Lab) ,was stuffed to the gills with the unwanted back meat, and left over dark meat and was sprauld all over the floor like a huge, black velvet pillow!
As the kids started home for a nap, we told them to come back tomorrow for a second helping! There was still the second turkey and plenty of the other stuff to make another meal again!
Friday my husband did a little shopping and came home and started reheating the left overs for the "SECOND" Thanksgiving and the kids all arrived about 3:pm put out the veggies and crackers, and we sat and finished most of the meat and stuffing and only had a small pan of mashed potatoes left for breakfast the next day! Again there was little room for most of us to eat the pies, but those left overs wont go to waste here! My hubby and I love sweets!

So THAT's why we had TWO THANKSGIVINGS at MY HOUSE and WE dont want to see another Turkey for AT LEAST ANOTHER YEAR! UGHH!

I am so grateful to my beautiful daughters, and for all their help and for my beautiful grandchildren who love us so, EVEN to the son-in-laws who have helped us so much, and to the very wonderful family I have. Nap Turkey Cornucopia and to NO MORE LEFTOVERS!


caroline said...

It was some good eaten!
On to the christmas dinner :) yum!!! stuffed cabbage :)

wendy said...

good eats,good company,goodholiday fun Thanks so much God for letting use share Thanksgiving together we had alot to be thankful for.