Decorated and Ready for Santa

This is my singing dolls for me and the grandkids to play with

My little blue tree in the dining room and a look at the mirrored wall of the entire dining room...

This is the big red and white tree in the game room, right next to the family room. Note part of the table with a big checkerboard on it in the corner of the pic. Getting ready for Santa now.


wendy said...

Every year you desighn the christmas tree but this year it my favorite ,if the kids don't eat all the candie canes off the christmas tree.I love the dolls all set up to play with also.Can't wait to come over and play.It's like a fun christmas house.thanks Mom i know it most of been hard work to please all of us.It's means alot to me to have it up and everything the way it should be again,kids love having grandma back in the christmas spirit.Don't know how many christmas's we have left but i like them all to be good ones for the kids.I know it only that reason you can and have something to live for.the love of your kids and grandkids!

Dak-Ind said...

we, too, are all prepared! i helped my mom with her lights, put up our lights, assisted three neighbors with their lights, and got out tree up and decorated! we have been driving around to see christmas light displays, and just loving the christmas season! your decor looks great!