A Bunch of Happy Kids!

The kids and the Grandkids have opened their presents and the Grandkids got pretty much all the major things that they hoped and dreamed for, and all are contented. I think the boys got a big thrill with the KING KONG video game. I got a new jogging suit and tee shirt from my Wendy and family and I got a beautiful blue gazing ball and stand for my garden, from Caroline and family. My Hubby was shocked and thrilled to get a beautiful DAD ring from Caroline and Frank, it took his breath away when he opened it. This afternoon we took it to the store for a free sizing to his sausage size fingers! Can you believe he measured a HUGE size 15-1/2 ring size!

I took video of the whole opening process, but forgot to grab my still camera until after the presents were opened. My hubby did a little trick to slow the opening process of the kids by , one at a time, having one of them bring up 3 presents from their pile and asking them if they wanted to open gift number 1, gift number 2, or gift number 3.... they then could open only the one they picked, in front of him and all of us, and put the other two gifts back in the pile. He did this with each kid, one at a time, and this slowed the rush to open them faster. This way we all got to see the joy in their face as they opened each gift. Now that the kids are older, he doesn't dress in his Santa suit and play POPPA CLAUSE as he used to.. but he still enjoys controlling the mayhem that can happen if the kids just torn into them!

The dinner of stuffed cabbage, turned out great and there was NO leftovers after everyone got their fill. Even my Aunt and Uncle and Cousin really enjoyed their selves.

This is Wendy and Mark and the grandkids, Sarah and Matthew, Happy kids!

This is Caroline, with Frank, and with Grandkids, Amber and Darin. Amber is holding her new electric guitar in the box, Darin got one too.
I think everyone looks very happy this Christmas.


caroline said...

glad you liked your presents.

my kids are very pleased! And had lots of fun. they will busy till they go back to school.

wendy said...

My hole familly is pleased ans shocked at all you given and greatful to have a great familly to spend christmas with,king kong was a great gift for everyone in this house.Thank you for making thier wish list come true.