Owchie! OOch!

As I said before, I had to go back to the doctor's on Friday to get the stitches out of my head and because my surgeon was delayed in surgery, an intern of his took the stitches out and remarked that the wound was healing nicely. I went home with some new surgy strips to hold the wound again.
On Saturday I felt a little itchy, like the wound was healing and the hair was growing out where they shaved my hairline. I started pressing on a part that felt like a little swelling was building up and got some fluid pushed out of the top of the wound. By afternoon, the tape strips had fallen off. I went to the bathroom to take a look in my 3 way mirror, and to my surprise a big piece of the skin flap was gaping open and some blood and clear juices was coming out of it. I wrapped it up with gauze and the elastic bandage and told my husband what was happening.

I sort of panicked, and immediatley called the doctor's office. Noone was there, but I called the pager number and got a doctor on call who called me right back and told me to go to the emergency room and they would have a resident meet me there.

I went directly to emergency and the resident told me that indeed the flap was opened quite a bit, and that he would have to put back a few stitches, since the skin had not healed enough to keep it together. After some painful shots to numb the area, he told me that he put 3 inside stitches and 6 outside stitches on the skin, and wants me to go back to see the surgeon at the end of the week to have it checked again. Wheeew! At least he didn't see any sign of infection, and he said that maybe the stitches just came out a little too early. I sure don't want all the complications with drainage and swelling like I had the first time! So far there has not been any more problems with it.

Phew Nervous 2 Fainting

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