Still Healing, Happy Easter !

First of all, I am still healing, the stitches that were put back in came out after 2 weeks, and I am still getting a little drainage from the sore, but nothing that I can't handle. The skin is healing, but I have to keep putting on some Bacitracin and wiping with anticeptic.

Easter is coming and I have the Easter baskets ready for the Grandkids. I had a hard time trying to find little trinkets to fill the baskets for the older ones. (I heard their wining about too much clothes in their baskets) I did get them a couple shorts outfits to start them off. I cut down on the candy, but got a little bit of mineature candy bars and a few jelly beans. I even got them a small chocolate bunny too.
Child Basket Easter Basket Happy Easter Bunny Easter Surprise Chocolate Bunny

We plan to take the whole family out to eat at a local all you can eat buffet. It'll save me a lot of work, and clean up, and the kids love that kind of stuff. Everyone can eat the kind of food they love to eat. Specially the kids who all have certain favorites, and some particular things they won't eat at all.
Diner Buffet Lunch
Hubby and I have to get out to the lake and get the boat ready to hit the water in the next couple of weekends. Lots of clean up to do after a hard winter. Hopefully, this summer maybe we can get some use out of it this year. The last few summers I have been so weak or sick that we really didn't get to enjoy it much at all.
Boating 2 Ooops , forgot about that bumpy ride! LOL!Boating 2

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wendy said...

Yes we really did pig out!I love the smiles eating the food Mom it is funny how they are making smillies