Happy Easter EVERYBODY!

Happy Easter and Good Tidings to Everyone!
The Grandkids and our daughters all met us for a Noon lunch at Country Buffet and we were glad we went early. The line was later, outside the door and waiting was long for the goodies we all ate at the buffet. (Poor Caroline, her battery went dead in her car, and she had to call us for a ride to the restaurant) Her husband stayed with the car, and he and a neighbor went and bought a new battery and fixed the car. Sorry he missed the dinner with us though. The dinner was grand, and o'l Grandma didn't have to lift a finger to either prepare or clean up the mess. We met my aunt, uncle and cousin at the restaurant, and when they were leaving, my cousin invited my grandson, Darin to go to a movie with him and his son.

After dinner, we all met a my house for the kids to pick up their baskets from me and Grandpa. Matthew got a little wheelbarrow for his basket, and the girls got regular baskets with little necklaces and coloring sheets, they all got a couple shorts sets. We took some pictures and sat and visited for a while.

Sarah and Matthew, happy to get their baskets.

Amber's got her basket!
Doesn't she look cute in her new Easter outfit? Pretty in pink!

And Grandpa and Grandma get a nice leasurely Holiday out with the Grandkid outside in the backyard! Only Darin's missing, since he got to go to the show with his cousins. Can you believe the grandkids are already asking us when we are going to open the pool?!!!!! Kinda rushing to get to summer, if you ask me! Guess we'll have to think about it in the next month or so, though.

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wendy said...

thank you for a great easter mom and dad the kids injoyed thier vaction and baskets