Painting the whole house! What a great job my girls did!

Caroline and Wendy did a marathon job of painting all the rooms in my house that the contractor was not liable to do for the job. They teamed together to paint my bedroom, the Family Room, the Game room, the laundry room, and the front little bedroom, the contractor did the kitchen/ dining room, and the new bedroom he added for us and still has to finish the bathroom after he remodels it. Caroline did the whole little bedroom, (we call it the grandkids room so if they spend the night, thats where they'll stay) and my bedroom and then helped cut in the edges in the Family room and play room while Wendy did the rolling in of the walls and ceilings. Wendy did the whole hallway, and laundry room. WHAT A GREAT JOB THEY DID, THANK YOU GIRLS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! It wouldn't get done without your help.

The contractor also just finished all the Pergo floors in our Kitchen/ Dining room, the hallway, the Game room and the added bedroom and BOY do those look nice now! Next he'll be putting up the stained moldings around the room and new window sills throughout the house. Every thing will be stained an oak color. Later he'll also put stained bead board paneling around the dining room. He also installed the new cabinets to go along with the existing ones, now making me a penninsula counter and new pantry cupboards. Next week he gives me all new counter tops for everything! Can't wait! I picked a black, marble laminate for my counters.

Here's some views of the paint jobs and the new curtains as we got them going so far.....

This is my bedroom, a medium Rose color. Very Pretty!

This is the Family room, Same color as the game room with new curtain toppers. A cool shade of water blue.

This is the game room, with our pool table, a shuffleboard game and a our ships display along with a new pinball maching that Hubby just had to have! LOL! We also have a little games table for the kids to play cards or dominoes at.

Note the pergo floors in the game room and into the new bedroom at the end.

This is the hallway from the kitchen to the family room with the new Pergo flooring.

This will be the grandkids room, a lovely shade of Lilac, still working on curtains and bedding for this.

This is the kitchen and then the dining room in what I call a shade of cantalope color with the new flooring. They still need to install the beadboard wainscoating in the dining room wall yet. Catch a look at the new fridge I got! Thinking of putting bamboo blinds on the windows, havent found the right ones yet though.

This is the new bedroom, in a cool ice blue with new curtains to match the blue striped bedding i got for it.

This is the complete front of the house with the new roof, siding and new porch. All the neighbors and family LOVE the new look. SO DO I !


caroline said...

it's so puuuuuuuuurty!

Team Gherkin said...

That's a HECK of a lot of painting! But the effort was sure worth it, as your placelooks absolutely magnificent! Yay!
Mal :)

wendy said...

looking good