Today a New Day and A new PUPPY!

The next day after the death of our Shadow , my husband just had to go to the City dog pound and check out the dogs available, as it was too lonely without his dog. Wendy went with him and this is his new puppy he found. She is now named BUNNY because she hops like a little bunny rabbit, and she has ears like a bunny rabbit. She is a 3 month old part Lab and part german shepard puppy thats been fixed, and she is a little doll! Hope we can train her to be a great dog like Shadow was... time will tell..

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wendy said...

bunny welcome to the family baby girl.your the cutest thing and gives huges made my dad's found a new friend and she looks like she needed a good home.BYE the way she already a star she was on the news for a puppy that needed a home.