WHAT A DAY! Happy familys! (Grandma and Grandpa's gang)

Holiday decorations
----------------Matthew opening gift

Wendy and Amber at snack bar

Even Bunny got a new dog toy!

Matthew got a new TV!

Amber wanted a portable DVD Player
-------------------------------Darin got a TV and RC Helicopter

Sarah wanted Cash for a shopping spree!

Amber wanted the rest of her cash for a shopping spree.

Darin's excited opening his envelope.

Me- Looking at my present

My present - a necklace with Darin and Amber engraved on it!
How Beautiful!!!

Barlow's Present- Dog Tag Necklace -with Darin and Amber's picture engraved on it!!

My cousin Steve with Amber and Sarah behind him.

My Aunt Sally and Uncle Ed

Wendy, Mark, and Matthew and Sarah - family portrait

My little white tree.

My hubby- Barlow in Family room

Frank at the Buffet counter

Caroline, Frank, with Darin and Amber- Family portrait
Everyone ate their fill, munched on Pies and cakes, were thrilled with their presents. Wendy got me a beautiful shirt, pants and gloves, as well as a box of candy! We're spoiled that way. I also received a wonderful large picture frame with lots of windows to put our family pictures behind. Darin and Amber went together and bought Grandpa and Grandma a gift certificate for a dinner out at Ponderosa Steak House Resteraunt!
Well on now to the New Year. Hope this new one is just as wonderful or better than 2007!
Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of our festivities....


caroline said...

It was alot of fun!!
Wish i could have stayed longer!

Team Gherkin said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them - muchly appreciated!!!

Mal :)

wendy said...

It hit some real good notes i say
with the kids.Great food and everyone gotten what they wanted.
today my little boys dreams came true ,but for real.It be hard to top this christmas.noone got sick
and all wear happy.The work that my mom and dad done on this party
was alsome.I give it a A++.thanks and hugzzz