Frank is sick!

As of Friday, Frank, my son-in-law, who is married to my daughter, Caroline, is in the hospital with a possible stroke. He called her from work in the afternoon complaining about his arm and hand were not moving for him. After extensive tests, they are very sure that he has had previous minor strokes in the past, and that he has had another. At first his entire left arm was very heavy and he had no movement of his fingers at all, but since being in the hospital for 3-1/2 days, he can now lift his arm, but not much movement of the fingers is happening. They are also monitoring his heart, as he also has a normal low blood pressure, but they are deeply concerned that his heart beats TOO SLOW! Normal persons have a pulse of 60-80 beats per minute, but his is only 43-46 beats per minute.
We need every prayer we can possibly get to help Frank get back on the road to full recovery. Their family needs him around for a long time yet.


Team Gherkin said...

Shooting off some arrow prayers as we speak. Thanks for letting us know.

Anonymous said...
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