My Niece got MARRIED in BALI!

This is my sister's daughter, Amie who just got married in a traditional wedding to Hendra in his native home near Bali! Look how beautiful she is.
And this the husband she married - Hendra.

These are Hendra cousins who attended the wedding. Pretty girls.

This is my Sister, Nancy, Amie, and Nancy's husband, Rob just before the wedding. Proud Parents! Hendra's parents had traditional costumes custom made for Nancy and Rob. Beautiful! Rob doesn't have his costume on in this pic.

Both familys visited Monkey Mountain to feed the monkeys after the wedding.

Amie met Hendra while working on a cruise ship for the past two years. Amie has been learning to speak the language and they both translated for my Sister when she spoke with Hendra's parents. Amie wants to also stage another wedding in the U.S. when they come back here in the fall or late summer. Her sisters and brother could not make the trip to Indonesia for this one.
In other news:
May 1st was my hubby and mine 38th wedding aniversary, my daughter Caroline bought me a beautiful bouquet of roses and Wendy bought me a beautiful display cabinet for my collectables with decorated painting of flowers and vines across the front and top.
Wednesday, May 7th will be my 59th birthday, lots of celebrating in this month with also Mothers Day coming next weekend. Where did all the year go? In my mind, Im still a 30 year old, but the old body tells me otherwise. There is still much more to come.
I've been having my daughter Wendy helping me weed and restart a new flower bed for the front of the house, as soon as we finish, I'll take some pics to show it off. I've bought some new bushes and plants to fix up the beds, and white stone to decorate the new beds in front of the new addition. More to come soon...


Team Gherkin said...

Wow! You sure have some exotic relations! wOOt!


Mal :)

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momma said...

It took me long enough to get back but at least I can wish you a belated Happy Birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother's day. It sounds like they were a happy combination for you to celebrate. I'll try to drop by a little more often if you don't mind.