A Free concert at City Hall

This Sunday, Caroline, Amber and I attended a free concert held by the city at Warren City Hall. It was a little cold and windy, so instead of outside on the lawn they had it inside the hall in the atrium and it was great! The band was named " The As Is Band" they played top 40 hits. See their website Here: http://www.theasisband.com/music/
Here is Amber showing her enthusiasm for the band.

Here's Me in front of the garden beside the atrium.

Caroline and Amber sitting through the break from the music. Many other Warren residents were there also. We really tapped our toes and clapped to the music.

Here is a pic of the band. I recorded some of their sound, but the sound didnt come through so good on my camera. The one singer played several instruments including a huge sax, and a clarinet.

There is more concerts scheduled for the next few Sundays to come with Country music, a Concert band, and top 40's rock and Oldies bands. We plan to attend more of these in the next few weeks, it was so great, AND FREE!

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Team Gherkin said...

That's a great free fun family outing. sounds like a great idea too. Hope the weather holds so you can catch the other acts as they appear in the weeks ahead.

Mal :)