Lots of Celebrations this month!

Well, May is a busy month for me. On May 1st was our 39th wedding anniversary. Where did time fly? We didn'd do anything special to celebrate it. My daughter Caroline gave me a beautiful card to show me she remembered.

On May 7th, this coming Thursday will be my 60 th birthday! My daughter Caroline has invited us for dinner at her house on my birthday and shes making me a cake too! THANK YOU CAROLINE! I cant believe how fast the years have past. I still have the mind of a 30 year old, but, with all the illnesses I have had over the past 5 years since my stroke, my body feels like a 80 year old. Artheritis had wracked my hips and ankles, causing me to waddle like a duck to walk! LOL! The sore on my hip is still being treated by home care nurses. And since last September, I have had what my eye doctor says was a stroke in my right eye. It causes a gray haze inside my vision. The eye doctor has
given me 3 Laser treatments, and says that he has stopped the bleeding inside the eye, but it will take 4-5 months for my body to absorb the blood and hopefully clear up my vision. Fingers crossed!

Both my husband and I have really slowed down and cant do nearly as much as we used to do. Old age has not been kind to us! LOL!

On the 10th of May is Mothers Day and we dont have much planned for that day either. We want to get some new flowers for the flower beds in the front yard, budget permitting this month. ( and weather permitting) My hubby killed a bunch of bushes and flowers in my flower beds last summer, in trying to kill the weeds that were growing around them. Remember, that Grass and Weed killer kills EVERYTHING it falls on!!! He said he didnt know that! LOL!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS IN BLOG WORLD AND TO MY TWO DAUGHTERS! Being a mother and a grandma has been the highlight of my life, and I wouldnt trade being a Mother for anything else.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Happy - everything!!!

momma(mary) said...

Paula every day from here on in will seem like you are losing a little ground in the race of life. But in fact you are shifting gears to allow your body to keep going. Just relish the things that make you happy and don't worry about what you or hubby can't do anymore. Take comfort in the fact you are not alone in this process and that we all have to change as age visits us.

♥Caroline♥ said...