Yesterday I was invited to my Caroline's house for a Birthday dinner and arrived to find THIS when I arrived. My Granddaughter AMBER and her girlfriend decorated the front door with this sign and balloons! If you notice, one of the balloon signs on the poster say " DANG your OLD" ( LOL) Darin met me at the door when we arrived. Caroline made us pot roast, carrots, and boiled potatoes. It was YUMMY!

Caroline even decorated the house on the inside for me. I was really surprized!

Here is Caroline and my Hubby, Barlow who is petting the dogs.

Amber here with her girlfriend from school who helped her with the outside sign and the balloons.

Here is my CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE with Amber trying to take a LICK! LOL!

After dinner and cake Amber invited us to go to a Talent Show at her school, it was really fun, and they had some very nice talent in it. Amber's friend Uribi did a wonderful rendition of OVER The RAINBOW in the show.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Happy Birthday. Nice photos :) The grandkids have sure grown-up so much in the past 5 years!!!

♥Caroline♥ said...

your welkies ;)

momma(mary) said...

What a wonderful greeting for a grand mom/mom to be greeted with on your birthday. I'm sure you were more than surprised by the decorations and the dinner. You can sure tell you are loved Paula!

Karmyn R said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

hee hee thats my baby boy in the 1st pic lookin outta the window hee hee i luv torro hee hee ya and happy b-day lol i love yew grandma

love amber

momma(mary) said...

Come back Paula it has been almost a month. How is the healing boing!