the old days

This is my Husband, Barlow with his sister Grace at about 19-20 years of age. This is just before I met him while cruising drive-ins with my girlfriend. We stopped at a drive-in restaurant called " WOODS" in Detroit one day, because my girlfriend used to live in Detroit and knew the area. Barlow parked next to us and started talking to us He had a big Chrysler car with a automatic record player under the dash, and Barlow let us choose the 45 records to play. Later we all pulled over to parking lot next door and played music and danced until late in the night! Barlow looked a lot like John Travolta at this stage of his life, and I WAS IMPRESSED! He had BIG arms from working for his brother-in-law as a brick layer and cement layer . He asked one night, who wanted to go with him to the Roostertail one evening, and of course, I said I do! That was our first date. One of many more.

This is my graduation picture, in 1967, which is just before I met Barlow. I was almost 19 when I met him in the fall of 1968. I had hair to the middle of my back then, I dont know why I went to a hairdresser and had it put up so high. Actually, she had put it higher, but I squished it down some! TEE HEE!

Well time had not done anything for our looks, the gray hair, the extra fat that we put on, has not done us justice over the years. Just thought someone would like to see some of the old days pics.

Here is Barlow and Darin recently at a picnic.


♥Caroline♥ said...

I don't love you any less! Just more of you to love!

momma(mary) said...

It is always fun to see what we were to compare with what we are now. Thank you for sharing a bit of the past with us.

gammamoma said...

I keep telling Caroline that Darin has the same body that Barlow had, the wide shoulders, the big arms, if he slimmed down a little, and worked out, he could be just as HOT as his grandpa was back then.

gammamoma said...

OH THANK YOU MY Caroline, I love you just as much!