My Tree's Fallen and Cant get up! I got a Boo Boo! And Friday Night Concert in the City Hall

As you can see, our trees have been leaning for years at a 45 degree angle towards our neighbor's yard, but now with the rain the one tree is leaning on top of the neighbor's swing. The roots of the trees are coming out of the ground. We are waiting for our tree guy to come and cut them out for us. None the less, when we called our insurance company they told us that the neighbors insurance should take care of it for her, but, since she called the city, we are facing a fine if we dont remove it. Luckily, our insurance did reconcider and made us a check for the cost to remove both trees. THANK GOD!

This is the base of the trunks showing the roots coming out of the ground. I hear from the tree man that Box Elder trees do this quite often.

I got a boo boo! My dog, Bunny has a tendency to guard the area near our desk and doesn't like anyone to approach the area. I was serving dinner to my hubby on Wednesday and got a little close, and Bunny came at me with teeth showing. I stood my ground, and was going to tap her on the side like the Dog Wisperer does, to calm her down. Well.... she caught me on the hand with her canine tooth and ripped my skin open. Like Caroline says, she spend 5 hours in her hospital with me getting two stitches and antibiotic shots to make sure I dont get an infection. I dont know why she does this protection. She is great otherwise. She is food agressive when she has a bone she's protecting. But she is not agressive otherwise.
One Friday Caroline, Amber , and I went to a free concert at City hall again. We saw a band called "Stewart Franke and Band" . We liked the band, but they played more jazzy /rock type music and didnt play any songs that we knew well. We are looking forward to some great bands coming up this summer, we hope!


♥Caroline♥ said...

i knew at least 3 songs ;)lol

momma(mary) said...

Oh Paula--Oww! Keep an eye on that bite!

It has been a while since I have been to an out door concert. I kinda miss that.

With a front yard full of old trees I know about the leaning business. It is good that your insurance will cover the accident.

Karmyn R said...

Yikes! That bite looks horrible. I hope you can put a stop to that behavior!

We have 3 big huge maples around our house. I am in constant fear that one of them will blow over one day. Scary that it just came out roots and all!

Anonymous said...

hi... just dropping by!

♥Caroline♥ said...

how about some kind of update around here!!