Grieving for a son we wont ever get to know!

The last few days we have been doing research to find my husband's son from his first marriage back in 1968. We found an address, but it mentioned dec.2005, on the internet. We knew that after the divorce, the grandparents had adopted him and changed his name. He was born Barlow Kenneth, but they renamed him Kenneth George, with their last name of Corona. The grandparents had never told Kenneth that he was adopted. We know, because, years ago, we got their address and phone number and tried to call, once he was grown up, Kenneth answered, but the grandfather grabbed the phone and would not let us talk to him! The grandfather protested that Barlow was not the real birth father of Kenneth.

We hoped that one day that he would seek the truth, and look up his birth father.

We did some reseach and found the obituary in the Macomb Daily saying that he died April 1st, 2005. A memorial in the internet told that he worked for the city of Frazer, the later with the city of Troy, with EMT's but didnt say how he died, only that he was on Life support in Beaumont hospital when he died. Others on the memorial book said that he was pictured on Fire trucks. He last worked for the city of Troy. He was 36 years old at his death.

We wrote to a police officer who commented on Kenny's Memorial page, to ask how he died. He commented back, that Kenny had health problems, and that his blood sugar had reach over 1000! and that he went into a coma, and never came out of it.

Kenny left a wife named Jenny, and we are trying to find her. Maybe she can shed more light on the life and times of Kenny.

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