Last Sunday was a great day for the Cider Mill!

Sunday morning Caroline called us to go with them to Yates Cider Mill and they brought their two pups Toro and Hershey. Caroline, Frank and Amber standing in the cool shade by a picnic table.

Darin held on to our Bunny for us. It was a cool and brisk day, but was okay once we got into the sun.

Barlow brought some GOOD bakery donuts with him for all of us. But it was too cool sitting there in the shade. We later wondered over in the sun to eat and drink our cider. Barlow even treated us to a hot dog!

Here's Amber standing near a carved bear that a guy was demonstrating in a tent. Wow are these nice! You can see the Mill in the background.

Here's the guy actually carving a bear for the crowd. The little bears are so cute! They said that the small bears were going for $150.00!
He had some done in front with cute signs. I wish I could have had one.

Another view of the carver, making another bear.
There was a lot of cute dogs with their families, we saw so many pups and big dogs, Amber was in her glory wanting one of each! LOL!


♥Caroline♥ said...

it was a nice visit! can't believe the prices there tho...yikes!

momma/mary said...

The creator of the bears is quite talented as demonstrated by the close up of his work. I must agree however that the price tag is a little steep for the average person right now. I have to say seeing the mill brought back some memories of happy times when my kids were little and we used to visit there.