Help! I need some games for picnic.

We have a family reunion picnic for my husband's family every year (we have over a 100 people) the weekend after the Fourth of July, and we are in charge of notifying the families and getting little toys and things for the kids to win as prizes for the games. This year we decided to also get some adult prizes and want to find some good picnic games for them to play. Last year we only played one adult game, which was a water balloon toss.

Any body got some good suggestions for both adult and kids of many ages that we could play this year? It sure is difficult to think of new and inventive games. HELP ME IF YOU CAN!


Anonymous said...
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wendy said...

this mlght be fun ?get a sheet or something and a fighing pole have them fish than hook a toy they mlght like on it give three tugs than they can real it in.

older kids they can go farther out and hook from the pile of older toys

i would use the plastic hook;like what matthew got.or make one out of a coat hagger and bead it so no sharp part but over sized one to hold waight