I've been challenged to fill this out, will you do the same?

3 names you go by- Gammamom, Mom, Paula

3 screen names you have- gammamom, butterflysweety, nothing else

3 physical things you like about yourself-eyes, lips , personality

3phisical things you dislike about yourself- body, feet, health

3 parts of your heritage- french canadian, polish, and I understand some Irish

3 things your wearing right now-shirt, shorts, undies

3 favorite bands/musical artists- Righteous Bros. , Elvis, Bob Segar

3 favorite songs- Many of the oldies from the 70s

3 things you want in a relationship- Appreciation, fairness, tenderness

3 physical things about the preferred sex appeals to you- Body, muscles, tenderness

3favorite hobbies- Art, crafts. traveling

3 things that you want to do badly right now- get my health better, live to see my grandkids grow up, purpose to life.

3 things that scare you- thought of death, violence , more hopitals

3 of your everyday essentials- food, clothing, my kids

3 careers that you considered or are considering- have retired Don't know

3places you would like to vacation- Hawaii, Tahiti, Italy

3 names you like- tiffany, Elizabeth,

3 things you want to do before you die-take a cruise, see the grandkids grow up, See my kids doing well and happy

3 celeb crushes- Elvis, cant think of others

3 people that you would like to take this quiz- everyone

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