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Well, then, this morning my daughter, Caroline saw the wet, rumpled wrappings I had tried to repair on my head and went straight to the store to get some new gauze to wrap my sores. Awww! Sweet girl! That felt much better, and I could see that the drainage was still coming out when I washed it with peroxide.

Later that evening the doc unwrapped it and said that I will have to continue seening him every day until it starts to heal properly. He squeezed it, but not as hard as the other doc did. ( I think that the swelling is starting to go down considerably.) He made sure the hole was still open, putting some antiseptic on it. He then placed some more pads on the area, and wrapped me with a elastic bandage with velcro attachments used for people that have had face lifts, This puts pressure on the wound, from under my chin to the top of my head, then straps around the forehead to secure it. (Let me tell you, it is very uncomfortable AND HOT!) The he told me to come back the next day again.

I asked him if he heard from pathology about my tumor, yet, and he told me he hadn't , that they are really slow lately. I had a biopsy last summer and it turned out negative, but who knows what has happened since then. I pray it will be alright. :o)


As a side note: My husband had an appointment with a dentist on Tuesday and I went with him. While I was talking to his receptionist to fill out the papers, the dentist walk in the office and took a couple big stares at me with the wrappings on my head. I bet he was thinking that I REALLY had a bad tooth ache to be wrapped up like that. Just like the Our Gang movies of old! HA HA HA! ;-)


caroline said...

can i help it if i think you deserve nothing but the best?

wendy said...

I'm so glad that Caroline went out and got you the new bandages.I know she does take good care of you.