More News on (alleged) Pipe Bomber YEAH RIGHT!

Well, today on the news:
We saw the alleged pipe bomber from my husband's shop has gone to Federal court and the charges against him have been dropped! He claims that he was only trying to make fireworks to sell, and NOT making a bomb. --------- There are a lot of questions not answered here---------- Like, there was a report earlier that the pipe found in the shop was filled with nails and pieces of metal, I DONT THIS THAT THIS CONSTITUES A FIREWORK!

AND-- Don't people who handle or produce fireworks and explosives have to be licensed to handle these products? NOW ------ Does the man get his job back with the company because he was found innocent? I worry for the people who have to work with him...including my hubby. HOW CAN THIS BE???????

I will let you know if I hear more.. this is scary to me.

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caroline said...

And scary to me. What if he wants revenge to the people that turned him in????