Bored searching blogs

I have been doing a lot of searching for some interesting blogs through Blog Explosion and Blogerama and not finding much worth reading. Anybody else finding the same? Is there more places to search for some interesting blogs? Any suggestions? I dont want to read a lot of advertising or political stuff.


Anonymous said...

One 'blog I visit, just because of the love that Radiates and the cute pictures of the baby is
chookooloonksplus I sent you an E-mail cuz I don't have a 'blog

Mallard said...

Hiya! I love your blog. Your daughter, Caroline, sent me your blog address - aint I blessed?! It's good to see someone who is so proud to brag about their children and grandchildren - you GO, girl!
I'm a 40-yo divorced dad living in NSW Australia. I know what you mean by finding good new blogs to discover sometimes - I found a few after a good search, and then branched out from there! I plan to drop by here as often as I can too.
If you'd like to, check out my blogpage at http://malnews.cjb.net.
Mal :o)