Proud of my Grandson

I'm really proud of my grandson, DARIN today.

He just graduated from the DARE program with his 5th grade classes, sponsored by the Warren Police department here in our city. He wrote a summary of what he learned in the drug and smoking prevention program, and his paper won one of 4 prizes for the best paper. He wrote how he learned not to smoke because of the health risks he's witnessed by the heart attack his mother suffered and the stroke that me, his grandmother suffered recently.

What a SMART boy he is, and my heart just swells with pride as I watched him get a well deserved prize.


Anonymous said...

I know you must be proud. Thanks for dropping by my place--I enjoyed my visit here.


Anonymous said...

Darin should be proud he wrote a fine paper. Research papers composed well enough to win awards mean there is some mental stamina going on.

Having family members succumb to the side effects of smoking, such as a heart attack and/or a stroke, are probably much more effective examples for your grandson never to start than some Uniform standing up front and spouting sweetened-up information.

I was never impressed with the D.A.R.E. program, one time even asking if my sons could be excused and go sit in the library. Once the policeman asked me to leave the room when I went to be a Volunteer Mom. Thank goodness the Principal made it clear that the Teacher was to remain in the room for all presentations, and that any Parent could sit in at any time.
Such a program takes away too much of teaching and learning time of actual schoolwork. It should not be mandatory for all classrooms of the Grade, there is a captive audience.
Sorry, that is a gone horse for me. Even my youngest son is now in college.
I do believe the D.A.R.E. message requires monitoring, and that the parents should be active in all aspects of the child's education.

Mallard said...

Sounds like we have a proud Nanna and a proud mum today! Congratulations on your grandsons' achievement. That's great news, and an encouragement to him - I'm sure he put a lot of thought, time and practise into his speech.
Mal :o)