An Iraqi Family who cares


If you want some interesting reading concerning what's happening to the other side of the War in Iraq try reading Raed's blog, along with his Mother's, Faisa , who writes about the terror of living in fear, of the bombs. Her hopes for her children in a Mother's perspective. You can view whats happening and how they are looking forward to free country and trying to learn all they can about Democracy and what they can do to help people.

It gives you another perspective about the war and it's effects, other than what the national news reports tell us there. Don't get me wrong, I'm also reading American Soldier blogs, and all the news reports I can stomach. Getting as well rounded a view of the full story from all angles as I can get.

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Mallard said...

It's good to have a 'wider perspective' on the big issues like this sometimes. Thanx for this.
Mal :o)