Yes, thank heaven for MY little girls!
I'm so happy to have my daughters, who are now the big girls in my life. Sure they are grown and married and have a family of their own, but there always was, and still is, a special bond that my girls and I have. I've never had sons, so I can't speak for any sons, but from my observations of other family's sons, there is not the same, emotional closeness with sons as with daughters.

My girls have shared some very personal health problems I have had in the past year and a half and helped me cope and encouraged me to get stronger and that they needed me still around for them.

Both, in their own way had done all they could to be there for me and I love them dearly. Caroline has been with me through a meriad of medical tests, my surgeries, and taking me to appointments, and shopping. My Wendy (with two younger kids) has been there during and after my surgeries, helped with cleaning my house and both have just been there period, careing and sharing.

My one sister-in-law, Maggie,a single Mom, has two daughters and one son and it's her girls that are always by her through her surgeries and health problems and seeing to her daily well being.

Another sister-in-law, Henrietta, has 2 daughters and 2 sons and it's her daughters that are always with her through her health problems, and helping her cope with with being a new widow again.

I'm sure that their sons care about their mommas too, but on a different emotional level than girls.

In my old age...Hrmffff.. I am really am lucky I have my two wonderful girls looking out for me and careing about my wellbeing. I feel so grateful I have them both. I think even my husband feels the same way. His health is wanning in his old age too, and they worry and fret about him taking better care of himself also.

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caroline said...

ok this blog is gonna cost me big time eh?

Just kidding....You took care of me in more ways than you ever know...I always want you to be there that's why i constantly nag you about smoking...I LOVE YA MOM...please take care of yourself....