Little things bring me great Joy

Funny how some little things bring me a feeling of joy. I was shopping the other day at a store called Big Lots! We saw the cutest doll of Santa sitting in a chair reading a book. When you squeeze his hand he actually talked and read the story of the Night before Christmas while he nodded his head up and down like he was actually reading and his mouth and eyes moved like real! The doll was about 18" high and cost $29.99, I think. Well, I didn't have enough so I passed.

Yesterday I was at my local CVS drugs store with my daughter getting some film when I spotted the same kind of doll about 12" high on sale for $14.88 and I just happened to have an in store coupon on any purchase for $11.50 off any purchase over that much. I was excited and happy to bring the sweet thing home for the cost of $3.70!

Not only did I save great money, but upon setting him up and playing the whole story I found myself reciting the whole story WITH HIM, (well, except a few words I forgot),to my SHEER DELIGHT! Made me feel like a kid again! OH the feeling of JOY!

Does anybody else feel that way about anything they've experienced? Or am I just getting mushy in my old(er) age?


Anonymous said...

I would be jumping joy too if I find such great deal. Can't believe some place else get better price than the Big Lot. Amazing!!!

Happy shopping.

gammamoma said...

Well... it was a smaller doll for the $14.99 price, but it did the same thing and was just as cute. That, combined with the CVS savers coupon made my purchase irresistable!