Bart chokes Boomer Posted by Hello

Bart growled angrily, "So your stealing food from us!"

"Oh no!" cried Boomer, " I just found it up there.." Boomer motioned up to the drawer space he had just climbed down from. " I was just saving it for later, when I get hungry." Boomer sighed meekly. "Any food to be found her is OURS!" choroused Bart and Buddy.

"You will pay for this!" Bart snarled. "Cheeks like yours might come in handy for hauling a day's meal to us. I'm not letting you go anywhere."

For the next three months, Boomer was chained up by the neck in Bart's house under the dryer. Bart only set him free to seach for food while Bart stood in the dark shadows watching and waiting for him to bring a pile for him and the others. Nightly the dogs of the house were put into their dog crate by the people to sleep. Boomer then would be on the hunt to find anything he could haul back to feed the mice. The more he brought, dog nuggets, bids of food from the cupboards, or any morsal of food from under the table, the more they wanted. The baby mice were getting bigger, and always cried that they were still hungry.

Boomer started saving a few scraps of food in his cheeks, and when Bart wasn't looking, Boomer would drop a little extra for the baby mice. Sarah could only smile at Boomer as he went by, while the baby mice would cover the pieces with their bodies so Bart could'nt see.

Boomer knew that Bart was very powerful, and he didn't think he could win a fight against him. Boomer had been a fat, lazy little hampster and never had to fight anything in his life.

After searching all night and bringing all he found to the mice, Bart would grab a big armfull of food from the pile Boomer deposited for himself. Then Boomer had to be chained up again and follow Bart back to his bed consisting of a sock under the dryer. Bart would drop a few crumbs in front of Boomer, then crawl up in his nest of dryer lint and sit and glare at him while munching on his goodies. The chain was fastened to a pipe next to Bart's head and any movement make the chain clatter against the pipe. At the slighest jingle on the pipe, Bart would sit up and growl at Boomer.

Boomer longed for the days when he felt so safe in his cage, munching his seeds and playing with his good pal Nicky. "Will I ever see Nicky again? Will Darin and Amber ever hug me, and play with me again?" Boomer wondered.

During the day he could hear noises and movement throughout the house, but Boomer was sure that Bart heard it also. Boomer could see Bart's outline in the darkness, sitting and glaring at him.

Boomer worked so hard, and Bart and the other mice demanded more and more from him each day. Little did Boomer know, that his hard work was making him stronger, and was no longer a fat and lazy hampster.

One Evening while searching for more food, he could clearly hear the voices of Darin and Amber sitting in the dark living room laughing at some movie on television. Boomer ventured a little farther than normal in his quest to find food, while Bart stood nearby watching him. Boomer was listening to the kids voices, "I just got to try it!" Boomer exclaimed.

In one quick leap, Bart attacked Boomer, trying to grasp Boomer by the neck and raking his claws in Boomer's forehead. "Oh no you don''t!" cried Bert. Boomer easily shook Barts now fat, lazy body off of him, sending Bart sliding across the floor. Boomer ran faster than he had ever run before in the direction of Darin's voice.